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Rivzman Solutions Pipette Calibration Tool kit (Suitable for Gilson Pipetman P2,P10, P20, P100, P200, P1000 and P5000).

Calibration and maintenance of piston operated pipettes is the most important aspect of quality assurance pertinent to precise transferring and dilution of liquids in modern day science.

Rivzman Solutions presents first of its kind pipette calibration tool for the calibration of world’s most reliable and durable micro liquid dispensing workhorse of the world, the Gilson Classic PIPETMAN® pipettes. Relax, there is no need for that up and down winding of the adjustment screw anymore.

The specially designed tool allows calibration time of just few minutes, not hours. Included free is a set of seven high grade replacement seal and nitrile o-rings for each of the seven pipettes ranging from P2 to P5000.